Las Vegas Business Lawyers

You can count on Nevada Law Group for the most informed and reliable business attorney Las Vegas has seen. We offer a broad range of services to suit your business needs, including the following:

  • Business Formation – If you are just starting out with your business, we can help with the incorporation. This is basically registering your business in the state. You can start a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a Corporation (C-Corp and S-Corp)
  • Applying for a Las Vegas Business License – All businesses in Nevada require a State Business License, issued by the Nevada Secretary of State. Business licenses must be renewed every year. 
  • Licensing issues – If you are facing issues, such as a lapse in licensing, contact a business attorney at our law firm to update the status of your business’s licenses or permits. 
  • OrdinancesClark County codes and ordinances rule over the majority of restaurants, waste management, and public places. You may need an attorney to ensure you are abiding by state ordinances.
  • Negotiating with City or County Officials – Instead of bargaining with city and county officials on your own, allow a business attorney to help. We will do the negotiating on your behalf so that you can focus on managing your daily business operations.
  • Annual Filings – For each year that you own and operate your business in Nevada, your State Business License must be renewed. We can assist with paying and filing your business license renewal.
  • Filing the Nevada Commerce Tax Return – The Commerce Tax is an annual tax passed by the state legislature in 2015. The tax is for businesses with gross revenue exceeding $4,000,000 in one year. We help business owners file their Commerce Tax Return in a stress-free and seamless manner. 
  • Business and commercial real estate contracts – Whether you need a contract for your services, products, vendors, or commercial real estate transactions, we’ve got you covered! Each different kind of contract requires specific language and constituents. Avoid the headache of using templates, or accidentally leaving out important clauses. The most attentive business attorney Las Vegas has met is ready to draft your agreements while keeping comprehensive coverage for your business in mind. 
  • Financing Agreements – Devising financing agreements might be one of the most important activities for your business. These agreements outline the terms for project and business operation financing. 
  • Operating Agreements – An operating agreement is a document that outlines a business’ functions, members, rules, and mission. It is an essential part of your business, upon which much of your daily activities are based. Depend on a Nevada Law Group business attorney to help you build a strong operating agreement and a solid foundation for your company.

Why Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

Starting and running a small business or company can be overwhelming, considering all of the variables and regulations involved. The owner of the business takes on a variety of concerns, including the corporate formation process, applying for legal permits and business licenses, preparing contracts and operating agreements, and much more. 

Small business owners, sole proprietors, and authorized agents alike may require assistance with legal matters related to their business operations. This is where a Las Vegas business lawyer comes in. You need a business attorney to ensure you are following legal protocol while setting up and developing your business. 

Business Law in Nevada

If you’ve decided to start your company within the state of Nevada, it is helpful to have some knowledge of general business law. Business law is the body of regulations governing the dealings between individuals or companies involved in commercial matters. 

Business law can fall into two categories: 1) the regulation of commercial entities by the laws of company, partnership, agency, and bankruptcy, and 2) the regulation of commercial transactions by contract laws and related fields. 

In Nevada, there are many forms you are required to file as a new or existing small business owner. Don’t risk missing deadlines, or making novice mistakes on your forms by trying to handle your business matters on your own. Instead, contact a Las Vegas business attorney to fulfill your legal business matter needs.

How Can We Help Small Business Owners

A small business attorney in Las Vegas can provide assistance with the following:

  • State filings required by the government 
  • Service Contracts
  • Commercial Real Estate Contracts
  • Business Licensing 
  • Starting a business
  • Compliance with city and county codes
  • Changes to business formation
  • Nevada Commerce Tax

This list Is non-exhaustive, so contact us today if you have any questions about your business activities. A Las Vegas business lawyer can clarify any misconceptions, or help with negotiations with city or county officials on your behalf. 

Free Consultation with The Best Las Vegas Business Lawyer

When you call Nevada Law Group, you get the most dedicated, well-versed small business lawyer Las Vegas can bring forth. Don’t delay! Waiting to call us can set you back months, or turn into a costly mistake. 

You don’t want to make the wrong move when it comes to the business venture you would like to invest in or the business entity in which you have invested. Maintaining and growing your business should never consist of facing legal battles on your own. 

For this reason, contact a small business attorney in Las Vegas for free consultation and sound legal advice. After our conversation, there is no obligation to hire us. However, deciding to continue the legal relationship may be one of the sharpest business decisions you will ever make.


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