5 Christmas Safety Tips to Follow at Home and Outside

Did you know that 350 people a year end up injured as a result of putting up Christmas Lights? At Christmas time, you’re probably focusing more on all the gifts, family time, and delicious food than thinking about accidents. However, it is really important to practice Christmas safety tips. There are a number of injuries and even fatalities related to Christmas, which can take the form of road traffic collisions or other incidents. In this guide, we’re looking at some Christmas holiday safety tips to ensure that your family is kept safe and that you don’t end up having to deal with the fallout from an accident or injury.   christmas safety tips

1. Be Cautious With Lights

Christmas lights are part of the tradition and joy of the day but they can also be unsafe if you don’t practice the correct precautions and Christmas light safety.    Tips for being safe when doing so include using indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights…you’ve guessed it, outdoors. They are labeled for indoor or outdoor use for a reason. Always turn all lights off when you are going out of the house, or going to sleep. This also applies if you have an electric Christmas tree with lights built in.   Replace old lights with extreme caution. Broken sockets or frayed wiring are a hazard, which means you need to replace lights at the first sign of any danger.   If you are putting lights up in any sort of high places, using a ladder, for instance, ensure you do this with the appropriate assistance, a sturdy ladder, and in daylight. Don’t carry out this kind of activity if you aren’t confident doing so, and never without someone there with you to hold the ladder and be on the lookout.

2. Secure The Tree

The tree falling can be the cause of multiple issues. Not only can it hurt people who are nearby if it should fall on them, but it can also become a hazard. For instance, if the tree falls onto a candle or heated electrical appliance, it can catch fire. Secure the tree properly, using a proper tree stand. You may also be able to attach it to the walls if you are still anxious about the tree.


3. Take Extra Care When Driving

Driving carefully may not be one of the specific Christmas safety tips to follow, as it is important to be safe all year round. However, Christmas can be a time to be extremely cautious to avoid traffic accidents. If you live in an area where it gets cold around Christmas time, then you should definitely be cautious when you get in the car. Drive slowly and leave plenty of space between you and the other drivers using the road.   Another reason to be super careful around Christmas is the number of drivers who are not sticking to the rules. Many people go out and drink around the holidays and then drive home. This sad fact means that you need to be extra cautious to counteract the people on the roads who are making it even more of a hazardous task. The CDC states that someone dies as a result of an alcohol-related incident every 51 minutes in the USA.

4. Don’t Get Scammed

When the holidays roll around, people spend a lot more money than at other times throughout the year. This can lead to people spending money on new online stores and platforms they were not familiar with before. Every time you find a new store and give your card details, there is the opportunity to get scammed. Be sure to be extremely careful when Christmas shopping. One of the best Christmas safety tips we can provide is to use secure websites, and check independent reviews, before making a purchase. Never give your card details if you aren’t confident.   Inferior products might be shipped when you buy decorations or electrical items online, and these might be hazards in themselves. This means that you might end up with unsafe lights or even gifts. Product liability laws mean you can take action, but it is still better not to have to deal with the issue.

5. Be Careful With Candles, Electrics, and Other Fire Hazards

For example, a Christmas tree can be a hazard. If you wrap around lights that can potentially get hot, you risk the tree catching alight. On top of that, other fire hazards are more common at Christmas as people light candles to get in the festive spirit. As well as Christmas light safety, consider any fire hazards that might be catastrophic for your home.

Injured at Christmas Time in Spite of Christmas Safety Tips? Your Options

If you are unfortunate enough to get injured around Christmas then you do potentially have options available to you. Even if you follow all of the Christmas safety tips then there is still a chance that someone else might put your holidays in jeopardy.   If there can be blame attached to your injury or accident then it could be time to seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney nearby. You can potentially file for compensation, and ensure that companies and individuals have to make changes in the future. For example, if an unsafe product is shipped to you, or a product does not have the right safety guidelines, it could mean you have a legal case to take action against the company you bought it from.   It’s important that you collect as much evidence and information as possible, as this might be used to incriminate the other party.   Similarly, if you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, legal action might be required. You can seek reparations as well as suing for the costs you might be left with as a result, such as medical bills. If you feel you have a case, you can contact a lawyer today.


Christmas safety tips should ensure that everything goes to plan. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident around this time and it is not your fault, the legal system may enable you to take action and receive financial reparations.