How Long Do Car Accident Claims Take to Settle?

Every automobile accident has an impact on the settlement and payment. When a person is engaged in an injury-causing vehicle crash, the costs of settling claims rise. No matter what type of disaster occurred, all victims attempt to obtain a settlement and wish to do so as soon as possible. So, in this article, we’ll look at the auto accident settlement timeline and application processing terms to see why they differ.

Time Limits For Requests

It’s difficult to predict the period of how long it takes to settle a car accident claim, but there are some factors you should take into account. First and foremost, the estimation may be made by following the insurance procedure. The assurance companies have their policies and it’s really important to check them before you undergo the application process. 

However, some procedures are common for all of them. If speaking more precisely the step by step procedure looks like this;

Stage 1: The company receives the request.

Stage 2: They set out the investigation of the damages.

Stage 3: Organization determines the coverage amount.

Stage 4: The applicant receives the mail with details. 

This process is influenced by the severity of a claimant’s injuries and property impairment, the number of requests, and the specific insurance plans of individuals involved.

In most cases, the process takes up to two months. However, the severity of the situation, as well as the particular approach to each consumer, can cause the procedure to endure up to 6 months. Some of the more minor concerns may be settled more quickly, but the legal process could take years, especially if you are obliged to file a lawsuit for whatever reason.

General Assurance Requests

Every assurance company has a reasonable time frame in which to accept or refuse an automobile accident lawsuit. It is illegal for them to deny a suit within a reasonable time frame. After agreeing to settle with the other party, an insurance company has to make a payment within 20 days. If they do not make compensation by the due date, they have to pay the claimant 12 percent yearly interest.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

To obtain the benefits of personal injury protection, you must seek medical attention within two weeks of the event (PIP). Within 30 days of receiving your suit, the insurer must accept or deny it. If you do not have all of the necessary information to provide all at once, the insurer has up to 30 days to proceed with the claim once they obtain all of it. If they refute the assertion, however, they must explain why. If the rejection was caused by a mistake on the client’s part, the facility must explain why. You will have up to 15 days to submit a new version in this scenario.

You have a lawsuit for bad faith if an organization fails to follow correct procedures while accepting or dismissing a vehicle accident claim. In this case, the insurance company may be obliged to pay you extra since they did not follow the rules by properly researching and delivering the fee of the insistence. You will also have the option of taking the matter to court to force the corporations to pay you the largest settlement possible and cover all costs.

Economic and Non-economic demages

Automobile mishap victims can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic impairments after being injured in a car crash.

Accounts and invoices are used to determine economic impairments. There are three main categories of accounts they follow up when counting the compensation amount. 

  • First of all: Medical invoices. This is the bill for expenditures of surgery, rehabilitation, prescription medicine, hospital stays, doctor visits, medical equipment, and other services. 
  • Secondly, the income loss. All the costs of any time away from work that you missed as a result of your injuries. This includes any changes in your regular income. 
  • Finally, count the property damage. The price of replacing or repairing your car. This includes any additional property that was damaged in the crash, such as your phone, clothing, or anything else.

Bills and invoices, on the contrary, cannot be used to determine non-economic impairments. They are mostly moral considerations such as:

  • The costs of mental anguish, emotional misery, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and a decrease in your quality of life. 
  • The price of losing your companionship if you were killed in an automobile mishap. This compensates your spouse or family members for funeral expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related expenses. 
  • The expenses were incurred as a result of the death of a family member in a tragic car accident. This covers funeral costs, hospital expenditures, grief and suffering, and other expenses.

Need Help Settling Your Claim?

Surely, all of us when getting engaged in an automobile crash or other damages, feel uncertain and don’t know what to do next. First of all, the shock caused by the situation may last a bit longer than usual. However, you should act as quickly as possible. Later the situation itself leads to the will of acquiring the compensation and you feel like you should get even thousand of dollars. 

However, it’s not that easy. You should contact a lawyer, together you should consult a specialist and estimate the overall chances of getting compensation. And the most difficult here is being able to find the car accident attorney that will meet your requirements and have your back on the very day. 

If looking for one, contact us.