Can I Sue My Neighbor if Their Dog Attacks?

Dog Bite Laws in Nevada

Who is liable if the neighbor’s dog bit me? Nevada’s dog bite laws vary based on the circumstances. If you provoked the dog that bit you and are found more than 51% responsible, you won’t be able to collect damages from your neighbor. If you’re trespassing when you’re bit, teasing the dog or have a habit of doing so, it can also go against you.

If the dog has never bitten anyone before you’ll have a more difficult time collecting than you would if the dog is a known biter. If the dog is not known to be vicious and the owner wasn’t negligent the owner won’t be held liable for damages under current law with one exception.
The exception to the above occurs when the dog’s owner is in violation of ordinances such as leash laws. An owner with a dog that is running loose in a neighborhood is negligent and can be held liable for a bite even if the dog is not known to be aggressive. If you’ve been bit, contact an experienced Las Vegas dog bite lawyer to help you determine your options.

What to do if a dog attacks you?

Dog BiteIf you are worried about being attacked by a dog that is demonstrating aggressive behavior or you are under attack, the right course of action will depend on what is available to you. If a dog is behaving aggressively toward you which can include obvious signs like growling, lunging at you, baring its teeth or snarling or less obvious signs including freezing with its attention focused on you or making direct eye contact with you, stay as calm as possible. A dog may also stick its chest out in a sign of aggression.

If the owner is there, ask for assistance. If the owner is not there, ask bystanders to help you.
If you can get to higher ground, on top of a vehicle, up a set of steps, or other higher ground, do so. If you’re carrying anything that you can use as a barrier, be prepared to use it. The best case scenario is to get away without actually being attacked. If you are attacked and the dog is large enough to knock you to the ground, you may be better off curling into a fetal position with your arms protecting your head and neck. Be as still as possible because the sooner the dog stops perceiving you as a threat the sooner they will stop attacking.
Other maneuvers you can try include turning your body to the side, avoiding eye contact, or using a piece of clothing to cover the dog’s eyes so they can’t see.

Knowing what to do if a dog attacks you can save your life.

Do you know what to do after a dog bite occurs?

After you’ve been bitten, seek medical attention right away. You may need a tetanus shot, stitches, or even surgery. The dog will have to be quarantined to check it for rabies. Give the authorities information about the dog to protect others. After your medical needs are tended to, use a search engine to look for “personal injury attorney near me” and discuss the circumstances to see if you can recover damages. Or, if you prefer, you can contact our office.

What can I do after a dog bites or attacks me?

What to do after a dog bite to receive compensation for your injuries depends on the situation. If you know the dog is classified as a vicious dog or it has bit someone else before it bit you, contact an attorney right away. There is a 2-year statute of limitations so you shouldn’t wait to talk to a lawyer.

If the owner was negligent because they didn’t attempt to stop the attack or they allowed the dog to run loose in an area where a leash is required, it is easier to collect than if the owner did everything they could with a dog that wasn’t known to be aggressive.
If the owner caused the attack, they would be liable, too.