Arus is a paralegal with a rich background and a keen interest in both the arts and legal affairs. Born and raised in Armenia, she brings a distinctive perspective to her work. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and expanded her expertise by obtaining a Certificate of Nursing Assistance, reflecting her commitment to caregiving. Her journey into the legal realm was solidified with a certificate in Paralegal Studies from UNLV, establishing her as a proficient and knowledgeable professional.

As a Notary Public in Nevada, Arus verifies legal documents’ authenticity. Speaks English, Armenian, and Russian, she adeptly communicates with a diverse clientele. Outside of her professional endeavors, Arus enjoys exploring new destinations, indulging her culinary passions, and cherishing quality time with her family. Music also holds a special place in her life, providing solace and inspiration in her daily life. With her blend of cultural insight, linguistic fluency, and genuine dedication to helping others, Arus continues to make valuable contributions to our legal team while embracing her personal interests and connections.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Yerevan State University
  • Certified Nursing Assistance
  • Certified Paralegal from University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • State of Nevada, Notary Public


  • English
  • Russian
  • Armenian