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What is GAP Insurance and What Nevada Drivers Should Know About it

There are certain mandatory insurance coverages you have to get to be able to drive your vehicle legally. However, some add-ons can be very beneficial for you depending on your circumstances and the characteristics of the vehicle you are driving. One of these is the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance. Therefore, you must know what […]

5 Christmas Safety Tips to Follow at Home and Outside

Did you know that 350 people a year end up injured as a result of putting up Christmas Lights? At Christmas time, you’re probably focusing more on all the gifts, family time, and delicious food than thinking about accidents. However, it is really important to practice Christmas safety tips. There are a number of injuries and […]

Can a Hospital be Responsible for Patient Falls?

What are Hospitals’ Responsibilities Relating to Patient Falls? Hospitals owe patients a duty of care while the patient is under their care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has determined that certain events are “Never Events” because they should never happen. Such events […]

Can I Sue My Neighbor if Their Dog Attacks?

Dog Bite Laws in Nevada Who is liable if the neighbor’s dog bit me? Nevada’s dog bite laws vary based on the circumstances. If you provoked the dog that bit you and are found more than 51% responsible, you won’t be able to collect damages from your neighbor. If you’re trespassing when you’re bit, teasing […]

Bicycle Accident Statistics in Nevada

Bicycling provides a healthy and affordable mode of transportation but there are risks. How risky is riding a bicycle? What should you do if you’re involved in a bicycle accident? How high is the risk of accidents for cyclists? Far fewer people are injured or die in bicycle accidents than motor vehicle accidents but it […]

Nevada DUI laws: You can get arrested even if you’re under 0.08%

Nevada DUI laws impose increasingly harsh penalties if you are convicted of a DUI more than one time in a seven-year period. Under some circumstances, you can be arrested with a blood alcohol level (BAC) under .08%. Keep reading to learn how to avoid getting a DUI on your Nevada arrest record and the potentially life-changing consequences […]